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LED Blinking? Answered

excuse me Please:

I would like to ask for some assistance in creating a circuit/project
that will be for a plushy whose eyes would "blink" with on/off and/or/both the more creepy "blink" by dimming (down to 25% lit, back to 100%) of two LEDs

I would guess a slightly more advance aspect of this project would be to put some randomness into the blinking.

and the thought occurs to me that through the use of an ardrino, which I have zero experience with personally, would allow for the blinking, as well as sound reproduction too. {e.g. growls from the glowy-eyed wolf plushy}

while I am trying to keep the plushy to a limited amount of complexity,
and would like as simple a circuit to accomplish the blinking,
the ardrino idea and the advanced features that could be given to the plushy I find very provocative,...

but it is my ignorance which is not realizing what it is I am asking,
so I would rely upon the collective experience here-in.

Thank you kindly for the input and assistance.


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5 years ago

How about a flickering LED?

Might not be exactly what you were looking for but might just do the trick.
And it only needs power but no complicated electronics.


Reply 5 years ago

Well, that is a sublime answer to the reduction of complication!!

Thank you.

and that actually gives me ideas for a later project.

But the for want of realism, I would think that standard LEDs and I do seem to be drawn more back to the idea of an Arduino, would be appropriate.

.That way I can "kill a few birds..." with both the ability to have it play a particular sound, have a light sensor for automation, and timed LEDs for "blinking" eyes.

I just do not have the understanding or experience in the use of an Arduino, hence my presence here, with the hope of at the very least to receive the guidance of, "go collect, x, y, and z; use this resource or code/program for the results wanted; connect the bits, apply power, done."