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LED Decade Counter IC? Answered

Help me light some LEDs with an IC. Is there a simple 10-stage counter IC, just like the 4017, but where the outputs stay high until the chip resets. So the output would be as following: 1000000000 1100000000 1110000000 1111000000 1111100000 1111110000 1111111000 1111111100 1111111110 1111111111 and then repeat I'm building a circuit where the number of lit LEDs constantly increase. Do you know of a chip that can do this? Or can it only be achieved with a PIC? Thanks in advance Martin



10 years ago

Use Flip-flops. Feed the set input of each stage with the clock, Feed the preclear input with /Q from the previous stage. Feed Q to your leds Or all the clears with a differentiated /Q from the final stage.