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LED Headboard Lamp Using AC (not battery) Answered

I'd love to see an Instructable for a simple LED style reading lamp I can hang from the headboard of my bed. It should be AC powered so I don't have to worry about batteries; and it should give off just enough light so I can read by it without disturbing the spouse. All the lamps I see appear to be too bulky, too bright or are battery powered. I want something small I can reach over my head and flick on and off, as needed, with just enough light to read by.


1. complete one of the usb lamp instructables 2. go to a thrift store and buy an old 5v cell charger (those squarish brick things they convert ac to dc find one that claims to out put 5v) 3. wire the charger in place of the usb plug 4. test its in a place near a fire extinguisher