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LED Light box help Answered

I am wanting to build a LED light box. This requires a LED filled pannel.

The pannel consists of  15 rows of 20 LEDs each. This is a total of 300 LEDs to be in a pannel 24 in by 12 in.

My concern is how to make this compatible with a normal 110 outlet and what kind of transformer I may need.  I have considered using a shop flourescent lighting transformer but I think that may be more than I will need based on voltage usage.  Thus I thought i would ask someone here if they know of a better way to create such a pannel.  The Pannel will have Red, White and Blue LED lights on it. So its necessary for the full effect of the 300 individual lights. 

Just want to make sure I do not over kill but also not make a fire hazard by under designing as well.


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