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LED Matrix Logo Answered

Hello, I am looking for help/advice with small project I am undertaking. I want to make a logo out of 50/60 single LED's as a gift to someone. I have attached a picture of the logo. Should I make it on a blank circuit board, what is the best way to connect the LED's (2.2V) and solder them, how many resistors are needed? Any information is gladly appreciated :)


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4 years ago

If it is static logo then you would not even need a circuit board at all.
Just drill the holes for the LED's into a thin board and use a drop superglue to fix them in place (after checking they actually work).
Depending on the supply voltage you can create a combination of series- and parallel connections.
For example you could create a bunch of 5 LED's in series, add one suitable resistor in series for them to have them run on 12V DC.
All of the bundles of 5 you connect parallel.
Can't give you any info on the resistors needed as you did not provide the details required but you can use any online LED calculator for that.