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LED Mouse Mod? Answered

Ive been trying to do a mouse mod where an LED lights up everytime I click. Can someone please post an instructable? or else i will when i get it figured out. what i figured was that i would have an led with a resister hooked up to the 5v part of the circuit board on one of the legs.. then i would have the other leg soldered to a wire and to make the LED light up, the circuit would have to be completed by clicking the mouse down. But the problem is i cant do that without messin up the clicking function. when i tested it the mouse click would be stuck. So i will post an instructable when i figure this out if noone else does. please leave a comment if you figure something out.



9 years ago

you have the right idea, what you need to do is hook up the other wire to one of the contacts on one of the buttons you want to light the led, like using it for a light switch. a simple circuit, and there is minimal wiring reqired


Try using a higher value resistor to switch a transistor. Then the LED would hook up to the transistor.

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question ( I am not incredibly good with electronic parts and things) but, what would a transistor do? I'm sure I have a few somewhere :P