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LED Music Bar Controlled by Music Answered

Hello, I am in college, and I thought it would be an interesting idea if I had a LED light bar behind my futon to light up one of my walls. I have seen some projects on here about making a light bar but I am a little confused and I have no idea how to set it up to music. I was just wondering if anyone knows what I am talking about and if I can get it on the cheap. Thanks.



9 years ago

This could be very easy and cheap depending on how you want this done.  If you want it so you can plug this LED bar into a speaker system and what ever is played through the system the bar will pulse with.  If this is what you want, the easy and straight forward way to do this is to have a bass output that activates a transistor which activates the LEDs.  The resistor values change based on the components used.