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LED Project Help? Answered

I am working on a project and I would like to build the following item:

A single (but bright enough to be seen from a distance) LED light powered by a battery pack that can be either A) programmed and remotely controlled to either be off, flashing at a steady rate, or solid or B) have a reliable enough receiver that I could stand at a distance and manually turn it off and on to simulate flashing.  


A set of two LEDs, side by side, one of which flashes at a constant rate and the other stays solid.  Again, they would have to be battery powered and remote controllable from a distance.

I  have a fair amount of wiring and electronics experience, but minimal experience wiring LEDs.  Is there any advice/resources recommended to help me finish this project?  I also have access to several reputable electronic parts stores, so most supplies should be easily located.



5 years ago

One question from me why would you want to build your own flachy thingy that will cost you a lot if you can just buy one of those energy efficient led lights that you put in your home they run of 220vac and they are remote controlled just take out the small transformer inside (by remote the ligts can dim bright and flicker )


5 years ago

You want to remotely control two bright white LEDs that run off a battery, yes ??

Do you have wiring experience ?
Do you know how to use a microprocessor ?