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LED Spidies- Craft for Kids. On Sale Now. Limited Offer Answered

Have a spare weekend coming up and not sure to do with the kids? Bored of the normal electrical kits supplied at stores? Want a novel activity that will give you time to bond and create something with your child?
Seen my LED Spidies but don't want to get the materials? Craftzine Halloween blog

LED Spidies Instructable Steps

LED Spider kits are now available for a limited time.

What is included in the kit?

~ Pre-cut preformed lengths of wire
~ Two HI LED globes
~ Circuit wire
~ Body for spider
~ Assembly instructions via link to Instructable

Can I assemble it myself?

Not only can you assemble it, your kids can too. Due to the simple nature of the circuit, anyone can create it with minimal effort.

But won't it be finished quickly?

No. LED spiders can take as long as you like, the decoration is half the fun.

Cost of units

LED Spidies kits are available for $12.50US
Discounts apply for bulk purchases.

For purchasing enquires or further information please contact me. Lefindoubt@Hotmail.com


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12 years ago

That's a great idea - good luck with it.


Reply 12 years ago

Thankyou! If sales perpetuate then I can reduce the price considerably.