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LED Strip Arduino Answered

HI All,

This might be a simple thing, but I am in a big of a Maker bubble and dont have anyone to call up and ask this question to. I have an arduino that I want to hook to a LED strip, THe thing is i dont know much about power and how to measure/ know you wont fry your stuff and Im worried that I might do that. So, I am coming to you to ask. Would this work? What do I need to do to make this work? 

This is the type of LED Strip that I have. 

Thank you for your help!


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4 years ago

You can use a simple N channel Mosfet to control it. A Mosfet is a high power transistor that uses data level voltage to control a much higher and voltage and/or current. simply get a 12v supply and connect it to the 12v on the led strip. Then connect the Ground on the Arduino to the Ground on the power supply. Now connect the Ground on the LED strip to the input on the Mosfet and the Output of the Mosfet to ground. Then just connect the signal pin of the Mosfet to a Arduino pin.