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LED Strobe light Answered

Can any members please help me guide or create this circuit??? which IC should i use to create this strobe light effect???? click the link to see what im taling about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9AgwCkCfUw



8 years ago

thanks guys...can i get arduino at ebay???


8 years ago

Its almost a certainty that a microcontroller of some kind was used for the car in the video.

The effects shown could easily be produced by most any microprocessor. The code would even be relatively simple, just a repeating pattern of turning I/O pins on and off to produce the effects.

The arduino that Goodhart mentions is extremely popular, and there are tons of projects on this site alone that use it. I have never used it, but it must be straightforward to program and use. Personnally, I use PIC micros, but as I said most any micro would do.

If you ony wanted one of the several effects shown, it could be done with discrete logic built from counters, flip flops, 555 timers, etc. Anything more than that would result in a circuit containing too many parts to fit within the body of a model like that. There are also tons of blinky LED type projects on this site and elsewhere, that do not require a microcontroller of any kind.


8 years ago

using an arduino or a few. would work. Using individual IC's would be "complicated" at best.