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LED TORCH CONVERSION(not perversion) Answered


I have a massive 2million candle power halogen Torch ,approximate diameter of 1.5 Feet,and i want to convert it from Halogen into Led by replacing the Bulb ,??? any ideas of where to start without taking it to Pieces (and finding ive got Pieces leftover !!!!!!!!!!)




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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

It just occured to me, I forgot to ask how big, what size, is the halogen bulb at the heart of your giant spotlight?

I mean, the reason that might be relevant, is because that bulb might be enourmous too, like perhaps the same size as an old Edison-style light bulb.

For bulbs that are that big, there exist LED versions with something resembling hot filament wires, but that are actually thin, skinny chips-on-boards (COBs).

Moreover, these kind of "fake filament" LED, COB, contraptions, they produce roughly the same radiation pattern, equally in all directions, same as a bulb with a real, hot filament.

I have attached some pictures of these.

I noticed one of these styles, has the same shape as those old tube-shaped halogen bulbs. I do not know if that is similar to your halogen bulb or not, because halogen bulbs come in other shapes and sizes too.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

I think the basic floor plan for a halogen bulb powered spotlight, is a parabolic mirror with the bulb placed at the focus.


If this is the case... that is if you have a giant, 1+1/2 foot, parabolic reflector, then I think a much more fun, and dangerous, toy, would be use that reflector as a solar concentrator.


Regarding the more mundane idea of just swapping the halogen bulb with some bulb with LEDs in it, one problem with that idea is that LEDs usually do not radiate light equally in all directions, the way a hot filament does.

Most LED devices have tiny reflectors built into the package, and they emit something approximating a cone-shaped beam.

As a consequence of this, the geometry of a spotlight that uses a plurality of LEDs for its light source, can end up looking more like either of the spotlights in the pictures I attached below.

Each of these spotlights is kind of funky looking, with a big multi-element lens on the front that kind of looks like bubble-wrap. Yet, I think this really is what you get with optics that are well matched to the radiation geometry of the LEDs inside.