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LED blades windmill - design and/or build the components ? Answered

LED blades windmill - design and/or build the components ?

About two years ago, a number of groups at Burningman had LED displays on the blades, powered by the same Windmill. The displays on each of the the blades could be programmed with different sequences of tri-colors to form art or pictures as the blades rotated.

I am looking for someone to instruct me (an electronics idiot) or preferably build the parts necessary to put a similar unit up in the rural area I live in. The locals would be amazed (virtually no intelligence regarding technology!).

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11 years ago

What you need to know about is POV (Persistance of Vision) devices.

Have a look at these projects.


Reply 11 years ago

Thanks for the direction to the proper terminology.  I'll check the info out, but probably still not bright enough to DIY....    :(