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LED board ideas? Answered

So first and foremost, I'm new to DIY electronics and the forum, so apologies in advance, i was linked to this forum through google.(if this isnt the correct forum to ask or against TOS apologies in advance.)

What im looking to do is make some sort of LED controller, that allows me to program strobe on/off delay (set how long the lights on, as well as how much time between each strobe)  Not too sure where I would need to begin im assuming, and arduino board would be the best start.

I laready own a bunch of these (http://www.emazinglights.com/rave-microlights/elite/elite-multi-mode/elite-matrix-chip.html)  I'm just wanting to tinker around and make my own larger scale ones to incorporate into household items, and still have some of the same functionality.  I am not too concerned with size or anything like that either.


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8 years ago

You might want to get into arduino to prototype your flashing LED/strobe sequence and then use it to program a smaller Attiny chip to permanently embed into your project. I don't think you can easily hack your microlights and they seem to control only one multicolor LED. Plenty of ibles to do POV persistence of vision displays or to use LEDs for light drawing images. Good luck.