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LED car headlights colour temperature (Australia)? Answered

I was looking to replace the headlights on my car to LED ones, but I'm kinda conscious about the legal requirements
I contacted the Licensing and Vehicle centre/department/whatever to ask about the max colour temperature, but the best they gave me was what was in the pic below.
Does anyone know how to convert that or something into colour temperature?
I know they sell 5000K lamps at a nearby automotive shop, but they also sell a few more... questionable accessories.
I really don't want to have to drag my car in and have to pay several hundreds over just a few headlights; might as well just take the ticket if I ever got one.
Other than that, they should have the same brightness, throw, etc.



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Best Answer 8 years ago

That chart is basically saying that your white lights can't have a noticeable tinge of other colors, and must be limited within the specified ranges in order to be acceptable. That being said, I don't see police officers having Chromatic filters on roadside checks to determine the road worthiness of headlights... What they are looking for is essentially the obvious tint that comes from certain headlights like HID's (High Intensity Discharge) that have a super bright appearance with a distinctive blueish tinge. As far as I know, many countries are prohibiting their installation unless purchased from the automaker that way (where they would still have to meet with additional rules). 

Although the Australian DIT should have more information for you, I would recommend purchasing ready made headlights that are certified for use in your area (or just replace the bulbs with approved types), and you can save yourself some money by swapping them out yourself. 

Honestly I think a quick trip to your local police station (after dark), to ask an officer if they'd ticket you, would be a fair way to know if what you've picked out is going to work or be more of a burden than is necessary. Then if they tell you they are not acceptable, you can work out a return with the store for something that won't generate fines.


8 years ago

You may want to buy a set of LED replacement lamp for your car rather then trying to build your own. As long as they are bright white LEDs you will be fine but you gotta keep the light angled at the road correctly.