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LED circuitry help Answered

Hello, I am wanting to make an LED circuit consisting of 11 blue LED's and a 9v battery. Can someone tell me which LED's to use, which resistor to use, how the LED's should be aligned (series/parallel), etc. for this? I do not know electricity very well at all and would rather not screw this up.
Thank you


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7 years ago

look up "LED calculator" online. A lot of them will graphically show you the wiring layout or schematic diagram. You do have to input the values for your specific LED but most common LEDs are around 3 to 3.3 volts and draw around 20 milliamps. If it calculates the resistor value to use, you can round it up to a higher number to match whatever you can get in parts. 11 LEDs off of one 9v battery might be dim. Good luck.