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LED controlling with real time clock ? Answered


I am interfacing RTC with microcontroller  and LED. actually I have prototyping KIt (cortex m0). I only need c code.
I want to control LED using real time clock via I2c pins

        Set alarm for 5 second (automatically turn on LED for 5 second )
        Set alarm for 3 minute (automatically turn on LED for 3 minute)
        Set alarm for 1 hours (automatically turn on Led for 1 hours )

        SCL connected with P3.5;
        SDA connected with P3.1;
        LED connected with P1.6

        LED will read the data form ds1307 via i2c pins

I did google searched but I did not find related to LED. I am not using LCD 
can someone explain with small example. How to write c code for minute , hours , day


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