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LED display Answered

I have a Gill ultrasonic wind gauge which transmits data intermittently (after each race) showing the actual windspeed
-9.9 to +9.9 range

It outputs the data at 9800/7/even/1

the data is in a series of bytes with the data in the middle of the series
I dont know what the other bytes are for

I want to display the data automatically in a LED (segment) display, the display changing each time the gauge transmits new data

will an 'ordinary'LED controller allow me to do this?


david cooke 



4 years ago

Are you talking about a 7 segment display to show the numbers?

You'll want to use a micro controller like an Arduino to receive the data and display it on the display. Check the Arduino Forums for similar projects and ideas to get you started.

Antzy Carmasaic

4 years ago

You don't mention what you want to do on different values from the guage? Do you want to set the brightness of the LEDs? The color? Or do you want to use addressable LED strip and display a level meter according to wind speed?

The 'ordinary LED controller' is usually a microcontroller which gets commands from a remote control and changes the LED color or blink pattern. So there is no input, except from the remote, into which you can send your gauge data. You can make a circuit which sends remote signals on different values to the controller box but then it's easier to make a controller yourself in that case.