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LED equalizer Answered

Hello, I was thinking about making an interactive light display, using an arduino. I was thinking about using an equalizer like the msgeq 7 and having it light up different panels, but I'm not sure how to power each panel, because I want around 20-30 leds in each, and there hopefully would be 5 panels. I also wanted each panel to light up based on the volume of the music, and I wasn't sure how to do that. Lastly I was only looking for around 3 frequency ranges, and I don't know how to restrict the ranges in an equalizer.

Thank You!


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6 years ago

You can look up all the instructables on "color organ" to make such a device. Adafruit has tutorials on the ampli-tie and code for FastFourierTransform frequency mapping which responds to frequency changes instead of sound levels.They also use an arduino to drive their neopixel LED strips. You could make a light panel with an array of LEDs but neopixels are much brighter and don't require a power transistor setup to light up a bank of LEDs. That said, you will have to figure out how to interface your equalizer chip - it has 7 channels of data that has to be step triggered by the arduino to read the individual values. Sparkfun has a comment on the product that it is very susceptible to electronic noise so you have to account for it in your code. The chip has 7 specific bands or ranges already defined. Good luck.