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LED light with different LED, run at differen currents Answered

Hi All

i need some help, I am looking to build a light with a string of 2 led's
1 string will be cree royal blue (XPE) running at 700mA, which should use about 3 volts per LED
2 string will be cree Cool white (XML) running at 1500mA which should use about 3 volts per LED

Each string will have 13 LED's in it, I actually need to run 2 sets of these.

I would like run a set of a single power supply. so the Blue and white would run in Parralal with each other, and the 13 LEDs would be in seriers.

So it would be string
1 Blue (3x13) = 39 Volts at 700mA
2 White (3/13) = 39 Volts at 1500mA
Then a repeat of the above if possible off the same power supply.

to add to this i woudl like to be able to dim each sting. This dimming function can be manaul, and would only reaaly occur a few times, while I adjust teh light setting to meet my requirments.

So with this all said, can it be done, which I am sure is the case. then how do I do it.?

Many thanks



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