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LED powering and switches Answered

I am trying to build a small display box that has 2 LEDs (either 3mm or 5mm). One LED lights the displayed item from above, the other from below.  I plan to use only 1 LED at a time, so I presume I need an SPDT-Center off micro rocker switch.  I have a small model and it provides ample light with 2 CR2032 batteries, however, I'd like to be able to use an AC/DC adapter in place of the batteries.
I need help figuring out what parts I need so I don't create anything dangerous.
I am confused by the terminology used for the switch...how many amps/volts would I need?
Am I correct that I would need a 6v adapter?
Can the adapter be wired directly to a battery holder, or can it be SAFELY wired directly to the switch/LEDs?
I want to order some stuff, but I don't know what I need!
If anyone can provide this info, I would be grateful!
Thank you.


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