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LED puck light kit with switch? Answered

Hi all,

I'm looking for a small, single puck LED lighting kit with a cord for a nightlight project I'm working on. Thus far I've only been able to find multi-puck kits, or very expensive single puck kits. Does anyone know of a relatively inexpensive solution, and preferably something that isn't too bright?

Ideally something like this but with only 1 puck:

Alternatively, if there's a simple DIY to build that would be great as well. I've seen a few but they seem pretty complicated and involve a lot of wiring work. Thanks in advance!



4 years ago

Why not make one? If you know where you can source a halogen equivelelnt of that for much cheaper, and retrogfit it with a LED equvelent bulb


4 years ago

You can get smal LED panels for car use on Ebay in different sizes if you wan to build you own.

As they are already wired you only need 12V supply.

Ready to go lights usually come in sets of 3 or 5, but my local hardware store sells the single replacements as well - did you check?
And if they are too bright for you just reduce the voltage a bit ;)