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LED question for you LED guru's Answered

I'm trying to build LED engel eyes for my motorcycle. The already existing lead wires have 12V with 5K ohms resistance. Will this be enough to run 4 LED's in series?



10 years ago

engel eyes?

Either way - 12v coming down the wire, depends on the voltage drop of each LED. Red is typically 2-3, white is 4-4.5

Divide the voltage by the drop from each LED, then you need a resistor to drop the last of the voltage.

http://led.linear1.org/led.wizf This calculator is AWESOME - chose output as 'schematic' and it will design the circuit you need. Just enter the source voltage(12), voltage of each led (depends on led, check spec sheet), current draw (about 20 ma usually, check spec sheet for max min and typical), and number of leds you want (or need, or have).