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LED tail lights for a 6 volt Car Answered

I have a 1964 Volkswagen beetle, the car still has its 6 volt electrical system, meaning all the lights are very dim. I would like to use multiple LED's in each tail light housing in order to make brighter tail and brake lights. Can this be done without converting the car to 12 volt ?



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9 years ago

There is no need to convert to 12 volts to use LEDs.

LED lighting usually consist of one or more strings of LEDs in parallel. Each string consists of one or more LEDs in series with a current limiting resistor. The number of LEDs that can be put in series in the string and the required value of the current limiting resistor will depend on the vehicle electrical system voltage and the type of LEDs used.

There are many guides out there for desiging LED circuits that describe it in more detail. Here is just one of many links that a google search dragged up


This is also a frequent topic on this site, and there are lots of LED projects to peruse for further guidance.

Good Luck!