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LED with Impact Trigger? Answered

Hi All,

I'm somewhat new to the DIY home tech space, so hello :)

I'm trying to create a small piece of hardware for a game I'm building at home.  The idea is similar to something you'd see at a carnival or fair... throw a ball at an object attached to a lever, when the lever moves have an LED array flash.

I'm hoping you can provide some guidance or insight into where I might begin.  I'm not looking to become a master with this so any sort of kit or maybe even plug and play pieces would be greatly appreciated.  I found these LED rings that I thought might be good for the messages that flash when triggered, although I'm sure I could build them myself for a whole lot less:

Thanks in advance!


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7 years ago

There are lots of projects here that will flash LEDs, and lots of devices and toys can be bought with them already installed.

All you really need, then, is a switch to trigger those circuits. At the very simplest, you just need two metal plates that get pushed together when the lever moves.