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LEDs Driveway Solar Setup Answered

Help with LEDs (2 Part Question- Answer what you can)

I got a reel of 5 Meters SMD 3528 Epistar LEDs

Power Source: 12 Volts DC

Wattage: 60 Watts

Power Consumption (W/m):18 Watts / Meter

LED Chip Model: SMD 5630

LEDs Number/M: 60 pcs / Meter

How many Amps needed in a charge controller?
Solar Cells

Average Power (Watts): 2.6 Wp

Average Current (Amps): 5.2 Imax

Average Voltage (Volts): 0.5 Vmax

Do I need to wire the solar cells 3 in series to reach 15.6 volts (Calculated loss so not 12v) and then parallel to reach 60 watts for the LEDs?
(I plan to have around 70 watts just for incase and rely on the charge controller to lower voltage to 12V.)
(I am using a standard car battery. An old one that has lost a lot of juice, but I tested the LEDs on it and it still works.)
Is this okay? Am I doing things right? Thank you all for your help!!! :o)


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