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LEDs Remotes...ideas and possibilities Answered

Ive seen diffrent examples and ideas on what i want to do but well...not exactly. first off i want to do a simple blue ambent light system with a simple on and off remote...big room dont want to have to git up and cut them off...second i really like the light bar system that syncs to music...id like do use that same light system and include a sound jack or something so that same light system will blink along with my music...now ive scene them done individualy but not together...if it comes down to it there could be a switch to change between light and music modes....also my biggest problem is size....i have a large room with a almost 2 story celing in one part i want to install this whole thing along where the entire length of where the celing and walls meet...its gona be hugh.....btw i relize how bright this is gona be and i really want to build it just to open my windows and stand outside and watch it!!!!! :-) so any help would be nice......Thanks


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12 years ago

xoxide.com has remotes for computers to turn on and off fans meh-bey check those out inhere