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LEDs from ebay? Answered

Is ebay a reliable source of LEDs? I bought a 3 watt LED off there once (http://cgi.ebay.com.au/3-X-POCKET-LUXEON-3-WATT-LED-TORCH-FLASHLIGHT-LIGHT-3W-/320514643442) and it had kinda poor performance...but I don't know whether it was because the torch itself was poor or if the fact that buying it from ebay was what made it bad. Any how, I'm looking for a 1 - 3 watt LED, and a (narrow beam) lens for it, and was wondering where I could get it all for under $10 (AU). WOuld ebay be a reliable choice?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Buying from ebay did not make it a bad purchase.

It was just bad quality from the beginning.

You have to look at what you're getting, how much you are paying for it compared to what you think you should be paying for it.  There are a lot of great deals on ebay but seldom do you pay pennies on the dollar for quality merch.

Look at the sellers feedback.  Go back 6 months or so and see how may bad comments they have.  If they have 15,000 good and 200 bad I'd still consider buying from them but if they had 50 good and 15 bad then I might look at someone else.


Answer 9 years ago

Well, most of the comments are good, with almost all of them saying fast shipping, but I noticed that one person said that he didn't like the quality of the items...


Answer 9 years ago

I'd base my opinion on how many good feedbacks there are.  One lemon in the bunch isn't bad.  There are a lot of turkeys out there that just like to complain.