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LED's get ruined when soldering? Answered

Hey Guys,

Today I soldered 3 leds in series and wired them up to a 9v just for testing (without resistor) and they were very dim. Maybe it was because of the heat because when I was soldering the groud pin was touching my hand and when i put the soldering iron on the positive lead the led lit up with a dim glow (What the hell?). Can anyone tell me that was it because of the iron and my poor soldering skill or not.

Thanks in advance
-Prickly Potato




Best Answer 4 years ago

1. you should always use a current limiting resistor.

2. that is not the way to test a LED.

3. if the LED lights up while soldering you need a proper soldering iron.

4. Why not start by reading about basic electronics, getting a beginners kit (or an advanced), use Google??

Every few days you create a new topic asking for support on a problem that would not exist if you do your homework before heating up the iron ;)

The Prickly PotatoDownunder35m

Answer 4 years ago

Heheh ok :). And btw what we learn in school is "THIS IS BULB" "THIS IS BATTERY" thats it, no resistors, arduinos, LED's and stuff. It's pretty lame XD.

-max-The Prickly Potato

Answer 4 years ago

This is perhaps the easiest way to really learn electronics, though not necessarily the cheapest. I started out with a similar kit after I learned how to connect christmas tree lights and electromagnets in series and parallel when I was 6. I was closer to 9 or so when I got a similar thing to this:


Nowadays, the LittleBits are popular, but I do not like them as I do not think they do justice to really learning electronics. IDK, though never actually messed with them myself though, so I cannot really judge.


4 years ago

A thought; were all the LEDs the correct way around?