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LEDs strips Answered

who can help me, i need to make a very long LED strip, and i dont know how to do it,
thnx for yor help :)



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9 years ago

I boughty my led strip lights from the hero-ledstore.com and they sent me instructions and wiring diagrams.


9 years ago

You need to figure out how long you want it.
Then you need to figure out how many LEDs you want to light it up, depending how bright they are.
Then you need to figure out how to power them up.
Will they blink, flash, or light in sequence.
Do you want failsafe if one LED goes out, the others remain lit.
search LED calculators to figure out if the wire run provides enough resistance to keep the LEDs from burning out.
Will you have them wired in series or parallel or in blocks?
What kind of power supply will you be using, wall wart or portable. Lipo or battery packs.

I would find some christmas tree led lights or some led rope...

Just something to get you started... Good luck.