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LF Help on Audio Input and Output Answered

Looking to build an 'audio switch' for my devices on my network or have a circuit board to have on my desk.

I have 5 computers (windows/mac/linux) I run at any given time, some used for Skype, Youtube, Music, and/or Gaming. I am looking to make something that I can connect up with 3.5mm sound and mic jacks to a main board and controlling the input and output to different speakers and headsets all on 3.5mm. 

Ideally I'd like to have volume control on the board itself, but isn't required.

Does anyone know of a instrucable already made?



4 years ago

You'll find a few ibles when searching in the box at the top for "audio switch" or "mixer". They seem to be the brute force hardwire switch types. You are better off with electronic switching so you don't get the loud pops or possible damage to your equipment. There are a lot of beginner electronic mixer or switch box builds out there that use minimal components. Good luck.