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LOW COST BATTERY for CELL phone Answered

My old LG flip phone still has lots o' pics, contact info, etc. I don't wanna throw it out, but the battery no longer holds a charge.

I'd like to recycle the old battery, but when plugged into a charger with no batt, the phone  will not turn on.  

Why can't I power it up on the wal-wart transformer alone?  Do I really need to spend $40 on a battery just to access old pics n stuff? Is there some proprietary circuit in there that "says" to the phone "I'm here"  other than just plain old voltage?

Although the old battery seems to work just well enough to access data as long as it's plugged in, I'd like to get rid of said battery in case it eventually leaks.


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7 years ago

Get a cheapo replacement battery off of ebay if you still use the phone. You should transfer the data from the phone to the PC while you have the chance but it probably needs a $50 special cable for an old phone that you do not have. Maybe the original design of the phone was to run directly off the battery and the charger only went in the circuit to charge the battery.