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LSHV FAN Answered

Has anyone attempted to make a large Low Speed High Velocity Warehouse Ceiling Fan?


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

I think the "V" stands for "volume," rather than "velocity."

Honestly, you had me genuinely confused for a moment there, with me trying to ponder how a fan could simultaneously be "low speed" and "high velocity" when the words "speed" and "velocity" are so closely related.

Then I figured it out. Wikipedia helped. For some reason they spell this acronym differently than others, as HVLS, for "High-volume low-speed"


In response to your question, I have never built such a fan.

Also, at first glance,


it looks to me like no Instructables user has written anything obviously on this topic, you know, like, using the words "fan" as well as "high volume" and "low speed."