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Landline and mini speaker & microphone : can one use bluetooth mini speakers ? Answered


Is it possible to use one of those small bluetooth speaker + microphone sold everywhere with a corded phone (cordless but wired to rj11 modem-routeur) to achieve some kind of JABRA-like system ?

This is intended for me (light hearing impairement) and my parents.

Of course the Bluetooth would not be used as bluetooth but as a "wired" speaker+mic to the phone base (with 3.5mm audio cable as for headset used by gamers..

The idea is to get a louder volume than the handset or base of a corded phone can provide.and the problem of sound quality + cuts that arise from this mode of use (listener cans speak but with a delay ...)

Please, don't answer me to buy "Jabra" or buy "amplified" dect phone.

Just in case, I dream of a mini speaker not bigger than a glass o water connected with a lapel microphone (or replacing the microphone + speaker of my GIGASET handset ...)

Any answer and/or suggestion would be appreciated.


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