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Laptop Cooling Question Answered

I'm using a laptop-sized, vented, inverted vegetable tray to keep the laptop cool. It's quite effective even without any fans in this scorching heat. I added a CPU fan underneath ( 12 V, 0.42 A), and ran it off a USB cable from the laptop.

The air is quite nice, but one thing I'm a bit worried is, when I touch the top of the laptop, it slightly vibrates constantly due to the fan underneath. Is that dangerous for the laptop? I'm planning to add another fan beneath the hard disk. The one I have now, is under the laptop's CPU fan.

Another thing I would like to know is that, is it okay to run two fans of 042 A each, from two USB ports? Each USB port can supply 0.5 A max current. Running one fan off each port should be okay?

But, today, the temperature was quite high in the afternoon, nearly 50 degrees! I'm thinking of buyin a readymade laptop cooler. One of these three cheap ones at ebay India:




Please advise / comment.



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10 years ago

I was actually wondering if my laptop even needs a cooler/cooling fans at all? The max temp. that it goes to (I check with HWMonitor) is 49 - 51 degrees. I've heard new laptops going up to 80 degrees or more. So my laptop is still running 30 degress lower.

Should i consider getting a laptop cooler at all? I read a review of the belkin laptop cooling stand and it seems very nice. But, I may not even need one at this temp. Or do I? Please shed some light, someone.


10 years ago

By running them from the computer, you're adding to the heat load. I'd consider operating your fans off a secondary power supply.

The vibration from a .42A, 5V dc fan should present no substantial problems to the long term durability of your computer. Unless of course it is acting more like a vibrator than a fan.

I would recommend it if you live in India.

If however, you happen to live in the US, I'd consider moving away from the impulse to buy yet another China/India slash rate product, as it might be your dad or mom who gets the axe next.

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