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Laptop Repair (bypassing charging circuit) Answered

My used laptop's (Dell Inspiron 1000, model pp08s) charging circuit (DC power board) got toasty as the plug frayed
(looks like I should've looked at his kludge sooner- lasted 3 mo's- good solder job, but hadn't shrink wrapped it for added strain relief!)

I'm pondering making a trickle charger, fed into the battery's bay assembly, with a connector as it exits the shell, to keep the darn thing portable...
Ni-MH 9.6 V, 4500mAH, capacity o' 43WH, type p5413

Looks like it has 5 recessed contacts upon the battery....

(If anyone sees an actual tech repair manual for this wee beastie, could ya toss it to joomlaaddict@-nospam-gmail.com? Thanks kindly!)

Finding actual part #s (hoping it's just a DC power daughterboard!) is harder than it used to be, since I don't have my Dell contacts from when I did laptops about a dozen yrs ago {chuckle}

While I'm at it current contact info'd be nice, too.. =)
Thanks kindly!



10 years ago

Thanks, Binary! That's what I get for 3 am pondering {chuckle} Definitely have to do a few trace cuts & it'll be easier to patch in what the entire unit wants to munch on;

Which in turn raises the question o' finding a techie manual
or online power specs o' the DC board... which I'd spent too much time on so far, just *trying* to find a parts listing/diagram online.

Heck, if I could find a cross reference o' what Dells uses the same darn part... {lop-sided grin}


Reply 10 years ago

some of the very first components in the circuit may be various filters that dont have to be exact and sometimes are not even necessary (they are there just to make the fcc happy) try to photo the place in the board from both sides in high resolution and it'll be possible to try to guess whats going on there


10 years ago

laptop battery needs the circuit on the laptop board. and should not be charged with floating charge (unless you need it charged NOW no matter what) solder wires directly from the socket to the components that should get the DC from it bypassing the fried tracks on the board