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Laptop Surgery!!! Answered

I want to write my first instructable but I need to do a little research first.  Here is my problem:

The sound on my laptop has gone (HP DV2845se).   The audio card is on-board, so my only solution is a USB card and speakers.   This is a huge hassle, and really defeats the purpose of having a portable computer.  In a perfect world I could hide the USB inside the computer and solder the existing mic and speakers onto the card. 

Here are the hurdles that I think I would have to jump to achieve this. 

1) Find a way to attach the card to the USB port internally (no clue here)

2) hide the card with in the laptop (should be able to find some space, doesn't really need air circulation)

3) de-solder the current jacks on the USB card and solder the speaker wires and mic

I'm sure there is going to be plenty more.  For instance I don't know how the speakers are powered.  The USB card only provides the sound part, not any power or amplification.  I don't know if the speakers in the computer will need that. 

Any help here is appreciated!  Thanks


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