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Laptop batteries + Solar panels = Backup travel battery Answered

Here's the thing. I have had this idea for a while now to use some old laptop batteries to make a larger battery cell and some PowerFilm solar chargers to charge them. I have 10 good laptop batteries and 10 PowerFilm AA solar chargers to use. I travel a lot and would like to combine all of these to make a decent travel battery capable of charging an iPhone, iPod, iPad and/or camera batteries as needed. 

Seeking some guidance to make this happen. Will be posting an Instructable when I'm fully capable of building this. 


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8 years ago

What kind of batteries are they? Are they Lithium or Ni-Cad? How many volts are the batteries? If the batteries are Lithuim you shouldn't use the solar cells to charge them unless you have the proper charging circuit for them. If they are Ni-Cad it shouldn't be an issue. Just make sure the solar panels are wired enough in series to give a couple of volts more then what the batteries output in order to start charging them. When you wire enough in series for the voltage needed then wire the rest in parallel so you get more current so the batteries can charge faster.