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Laptop will not connect to server? Answered

Windows diagnostic says WiFi doesn't have valid IP configuration.  IPads and Kindle work fine.  Was using it, shut it down, went back later and couldn't connect.  It also says that my device is connected but may not be able to access anything on network which I can't.  It also says to verify the network security key.  I checked and it is the right password.  FYI I am not computer savvy.  



2 years ago

Rebooit it, it must help!


2 years ago

From your description of the problem it sounds like Windows is connecting to the Wi-Fi Network but is unable to obtain an IP address for some reason.

Typically IP addresses are assigned automatically by the router via a process called DHCP, it's worth restarting the router to reset the DHCP service (simply power off the router, wait 30 seconds then power it back on - note that the router usually takes a few minutes to start-up).

If this doesn't resolve the issue it's worth resetting the TCP/IP stack and WINSOCK from the command line by doing the following:

1. Open windows command line by typing 'cmd' into the windows search box, then right-click on the command line shortcut and select 'Run as Administrator'.

2. From the command line type: 'ipconfig /release' and press enter.

3. Then type: 'netsh int ip reset reset.log' and press enter.

4. Type 'netsh winsock reset' and press enter.

5. Restart Windows and try the network / internet connection.

If the issue is still not resolved disconnect from the Wi-Fi network and use the 'Forget Network' option (how this is accomplished depends on your version of Windows), then re-connect to the Wi-Fi network (you will need to re-enter your wireless passphrase).

If the issue is still not resolved open the 'Network and Sharing Center' then select the 'change adapter settings' option (wording varies depending on Windows version), find your wireless network adapter in the list, right-click on it and select 'Disable'. Once disabled, right-click on it again and select 'Enable'.

Hopefully the above helps!