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Large LED WALL (Updated Name needed) Answered


Im not even sure if this is the right place for this post. I wanna build a LARGE LED WALL. Basically rows and columns of leds which i can progam to do what i want, be it scrolling lines, words, snowflakes etc. Perhaps even colour changing LED's to produce a large picture.

Can this be done?  (either one colour or multicolour)

Where do i start if yes!

Any ideas welcomed



8 years ago

BIG panels take monumental currents to run them too.


8 years ago

i'm sure you could make one yourself, assuming you've got the underlying skill sets (i.e soldering and programming)

i've got two 10' x 10'  LED signs at work (like the LED bilboards you see on the side of the road). looks like a giant TV from about 15 feet away (it pixelates when you get closer). considering they each cost $50k i'd assume the workload on building them was pretty high. they're each build up of seperate segments that are all connected together, each with their own circuit boards and controllers that talk to each other, each with it's own power supply and cooling system.

in otherwords. making something the size of a wall, with that kind of resolution is not a small project


Reply 8 years ago

WOW... you should be a negotiator

Looks like ive been talked out of that one!

Perhaps i should start small... you got any ideas where i can do something on a small scall and work up to something bigger