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Large Speaker Driver needed.? Answered

I have a large 8ohm speaker with a "12W500" rating, and another sticker saying 3/38/5 (QC check?) 
~18cm Magnet and 30cm Cone.

I want a signal generator for  chladni plate (vibrating plate)
I know how to make a signal generator from a 555, but i dont know how to drive the speaker magnet.

Do I put the output to a "power transistor"? I have only used them for signal amplification before not power supply..

Will it run on 12V, 3V 24V? What kind of amps may it draw 200mA 500mA? 1A? 4A? I don't even know ballpark figures!

Any tips, Circuits or transistor reccomendations will be VERY appreciated... I am fairly proficient at electronics, but this eludes me completely as it is taken for granted in most instances, or they use a 300€ amplifier....

I already build a signal generator.




6 years ago

Just buy a Velleman 200W monoblock amplfiier kit. Job done, and for about 30 dollars AFAIR.



Answer 6 years ago

thankyou i will consider it, but personally i'm more interested in using what I have and learning how it goes.

It seems to me a MOSFET, or something would be easier because i am only transmitting a rough square wave signal and i already have a low power 555 generator.


Answer 6 years ago

You could use a MOSFET in an amp, but it will need to be quite a big one, and running in class B or it will burn up. A lot more bits than a single transistor.

Of course, even a TDA2030 or similar might be enough, if you're only driving a plate.