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Large size exercise ball Answered

I have a large exercise ball that has a 2" gash in it compliments of the cat. i'm a nice shade of green and re-purpose/reuse  everything i can.
 I have thought of a planter,a tiny 'pool' in the garden for critters and a beach bag. I would love to get a few mre ideas to what i can do with it.....anything but throw it away. it never really goes away anyway.
Bring on the suggestions! :)



8 years ago

I'm sorry you cat destroyed your ball. I would be upset also.
I want ask you if you do not have need of the valve that holds the air in or the pump, I am in need of each and cannot find where to purchase the parts. Would this work for you?


Answer 7 years ago

Oh lawd. I am embarrassed. a year ago. and i have treated the ball the same way so it was still there with valve intact. still need/want it?
I have a really old dish drainer pan and apparently it is one of a kind. it is huge but the weight of the drainer full of dishes has worn through at the feet and i thought of the ball to 'laminate' it. worked well, then i remember i posted. *blush*


9 years ago

You could try repairing it the same way they would inflated boats or helium blimps- simply cut out a circle of similar vinyl and patch the hole. Find a roller with a dense surface to ensure the glue gets evenly spread around the repair area.