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Larger scale self-watering raised bed garden Answered

Last year was the first time I did any gardening.  It was a result of an argument with my 3 year old where he steadfastly insisted that vegetables came from Kroger, not plants.

As a result I started small with 6 pepper plants.  I used this instructable for a self-watering earth box.  It worked really well.  This year, I moved to 8 bucket fulls of vegetables.

I've now maxed out what my porch can hold and want to move into my yard next year.  I have an idea for a larger scale self-watering raised bed system that I wanted to get some feedback on before I started building.

I'm going to get a few of the small, hard plastic kiddie pools like these, approx 5' across.  I'm going to bury those and build on top of it a raised bed with a wooden floor.  In the floor I will cut holes and install several of the pond baskets referred to in the above instructable.

My theory is this will work similar to how the earth box did but on a larger scale (approx 6x6 raised bed).

Would love feedback and direction on this project.  I feel like it will work, but am a complete newbie and would love a bit of help on it.  Thanks!


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10 years ago

1. You should know you can't win an argument with a 3-year old. Everyone knows veggies come from Piggly Wiggly. 2. Don't know how those kiddie pools will survive in the ground. They don't seem to last more than a season or two. The plastic is probably not rated for cold weather so you may end up with a leaky pond in the spring. If not properly bedded, it may also crack from the weight above. Maybe build your underground tank properly with pond fabric filled with gravel. Also, don't know if it will get funky if the tank is not aerated as you have organic input. Good luck.