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Laser Beam Security, Amuse a Toddler, Aesthetic Life... Answered

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Mar. 6, 2008

Welcome back!

See who won the prizes for Tool Tips Month!

Enter your sweet paper airplane design to win a shirt in the Toss It! paper airplane speed contest!

Coming Soon...

We'll be in Austin on March 7-11 for SXSW Interactive. We'll be making LED Floaties at the PopSci party on March 9th and be checking out many other events. See our full schedule to see where we'll be and say hello!

The winners for the Anti-Yo Worldwide Video Yoyo Contest will be announced tomorrow morning.

Check out these cool instructables!

Digital Camera Spectroscope
This sweet and simple mod allows a slide to be mounted to most cell phones, turning them into digital spectrometers.
posted bydorejcon Mar 3, 2008
Automatically remove songs from your iPod
This handy trick only takes a minute to set up and lets you choose which songs you want to remove from your iPod while you're out and about.
posted bygetgregon Mar 2, 2008
How to Amuse Toddlers
Use these tips from a childcare provider to keep your toddler occupied in over 20 ways.
posted bySteveGerberon Mar 5, 2008
How to peen a rivet
Learn to peen a rivet and get one step closer to making that perfect suit of armor you've been dreaming about.
posted byarmourkrison Mar 2, 2008
How to Live an Aesthetic Life by Wearing, Eating, Traveling By, and Listening to Specific Colors
Match a color to every day of the week! A guide to working at Instructables.
posted byewilhelmon Mar 3, 2008
Apple Floppy Amp
Get back to the future when you install a powerful amp into an old, 5.25" old, floppy disk drive.
posted byjeffkobionMar 1, 2008
Protect Your Home with Laser Beams!
Here is an easy to make and powerful laser alarm system that can protect your entire home, indoors or out!
posted byKipkayonMar 2, 2008
Add Color Effects to a B&W Photo
Use the free GIMP software to make parts of a photo pop out in color while the rest is black & white.
posted bysummitonFeb 20, 2008
Drill Press Lathe
Turn a drill press into a lathe and get an intro to woodturning before shelling out the cash for a lathe.
posted byTool Using AnimalonFeb 26, 2008
Improved Paper Wallet, Vinyl Style
Has your paper wallet fallen apart or gotten soggy? Then maybe it's time to upgrade to this vinyl version for more durability and stability.
posted byDemokronFeb 27, 2008
Companion Cube Tissue box
Make your own useful companion cube. This one won't protect you from explosions, but it will help your sniffles!
posted bytheslaminjonMar 3, 2008
Make an iPod Video Projector
Project video and pictures on a screen using your iPod, a mirror, a lens, and some scrap cardboard!
posted bytanntraadonFeb 28, 2007

Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week!

eric - Eric


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