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Laser Engraving Under Glass. Answered

Just put a video on Youtube about Laser Engraving under glass.

A lot of people have made their own Laser Engravers using one method or another.

I did the same using old DVD drive mechanism's a couple of Easydrivers an Arduino UNO and a 2 Watt Laser Diode and a Constant Current Laser Driver with TTL / PWM.

Arduino has GRBL 1.1f loaded on to it and I use LaserGRBL (free program) to do the image settings, generate the GCode and burn the image.

It's a good little machine, although the workpiece size is only 39mm x 39mm max.

Eventually I'll build a bigger machine, but for now it does what I want it to do.

Recently I removed the fan that blows the smoke away because it was whining a bit and getting on my nerves.

So instead I tried using a piece of glass cut from an old flatbed scanner, on top of the workpiece.

Seems to be good quality clear glass, I suppose it had to be if it was in a scanner.

This stops the Laser from producing smoke and also soot.

It does however produce a sticky residue on the back of the glass, but that can be cleaned off in soapy water.

I was quite surprised at the results.

Laser Engraving Under Glass.


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2 years ago

That mp4 file returns an error ... NoSuchKeyThe specified key does not exist.

Cant find the youtube site either, got lost amongst the 23 million other hits for glass laser engraving