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Laser Module Time Answered

So I ruined my second laser diode in a row, and I am just sick of trying to solder on to these tiny leads. I get these things off ebay, and I think they just scavenge them out of broken Bluray burners or something, because the leads on them are tiiiiny. So instead, I think I will just buy a laser module. I found a pretty good 250mw blue one on ebay for 53 bucks. Does anybody know a dedicated hobby website though? One that might have better prices? I don't need a laser pointer, because I already have my own circuit set up and stuff. Any thoughts?



8 years ago

Yeah I don't have a dedicated setup for working ESD so probably not. I was working on a wooden work bench. On my first diode though, I didn't have problems.


8 years ago


small question.
are you working ESD safe?

it might be the cause that you fried your diode.

check the following page for some more info regarding ESD: