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Laser Tag Hacking Answered

I've been toying with this idea for a while, but I can't go anywhere with it until I get some programming experience (I'm taking a class on it next year, so I'll be able to do it then). I was thinking of this as a potential way to cheat at laser tag (or make it more interesting at least). get a microcontroller, a photoresistor, and plenty of cheap laser diodes with collimators, lenses, etc (a bunch of cheap laser pointers would work for this). use the photoresistor to have the microcontroller "learn" your laser's signal (so that you can get credit for your tagging), and then reproduces that signal at the press of a button. put all the lasers facing outward in a ball and presto, a laser tag grenade.

just wondered if anyone could think of a good way to do this.



8 years ago

Laser tag doesn't work with lasers, in the ones I've seenanyway - the laser is for cosmetic effect. The signal is carried on an IR beam


Reply 8 years ago

that's actually better. that way, the beam isn't visible. this could be a problem where I go for laser tag, because when you're in trouble you're supposed to shoot your laser in the air and yell "MARSHALL MARSHALL MARSHALL!" so if you had an IR grenade that would be even better.

also, it would allow you to easily use an IR receiver LED as opposed to a photoresistor that could get interference from strobe lights, blacklights, the laser itself, etc.