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Laser firing sound? Answered

I need a simple cheap way to make a laser during sound fir a project. I don't want something complex like the stormtrooper blaster, but a simmilar sound would be neat. I can fit 3 9v batteries into the case. Also note I will be using a momentary switch to power LEDs fir a flash effect, and I don't want to gave to turn it down. Simple and small is what I need. Whatever works gets best answer and credit in my instructable.



9 years ago

Check this out: https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-an-LED-Blaster/


10 years ago

Lasers don't actually make any sound, so I'd suggest you just look at lots of soundmakers (cheap and sacrificable toys?) until you find one that you like and swipe it.


Answer 10 years ago

well, I guess more of a blster sound like in star wars. Do you know any well dustributed places that might have things like this? I live in Canada so I may not have many American or uk stores.