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Last minute no-talent Christmas stocking ideas? Answered

Can't find our Christmas stockings! (We moved) Tomorrow I'm heading out to try to find red and white felt and a glue gun. I don't have a sewing machine or time to learn to knit or crochet. I need to make 4 of them, and they need to be super easy and not take special equipment or a lot of time. So I'm thinking I'll just cut out 8 stocking shapes and glue them together and glue some white trim along the top. And if I get real creative, maybe write the names in glitter glue. I am well aware that this is pretty cheesy, but it's all I've been able to think of. I hope one of you will have a better idea. I don't want to spend a lot of money because I'm convinced the originals will turn up before next year. Any better ideas than glued felt?



9 years ago

There is a product called "Patch Attach" in the United States (presumably internationally available).  You can use this as a improved alternative to hot glue.  Patch attach bonds well after ironing.  I'd create a double seam if you're looking to stuff the stockings near bursting.

This will free you to use more fabrics than felt, although felt is nice.  You can also make patches and iron-on for decoration.  Names, candy canes, x-mas trees...

Buy some iron-on transfer paper and make some great decorations using your computer.  I often design decals and take then to a local office-supply store for color laser printer printing, making really sharp iron-ons.

With several fabrics and imagination you can go far.

If you can spend a little money, you could buy a riveter like the "Bedazzler" that could add flair and help construct the stockings.  With care you can use pop-rivets with washers from a hardware store, but not very decorative.

I've also done some unorthodox construction in my past.  Super quick seams: staple together, duct tape the seam closed, turn construction inside out to hide the work.


9 years ago

As kids, we used to be told by mom/dad on or near Christmas eve, "go upstairs and get a sock to hang for Santa". Worked well enough for us wee poe foke, and surprisingly, although you couldn't stuff a skateboard in them, they fit just enough little extras to make it special...Maye a bit more traditional than the trappings of your average Noble's family too.