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Latte coffee printer Answered

Hi everyone
i  just saw this


and was wondering if anyone could help me make one 

i think its a easy for 3d makers here ,i just need to know the names of the parts and the program to make it work ,

thanks guys 


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7 years ago

NOT easy at all.

Your going to need an x,y gantry robot.
Software to interpret the image and translate it into sprinkle density

A machine to sprinkle varying density of powder on command

Software to drive the x,y gantry to raster scan the cup.

All of these skills may be available on line to learn about BUT your going to have a steep learning curve.

Suggest this is a job for a dedicated PC to drive.


Answer 7 years ago

Thanks for the reply

but this guy apparently have done something similar with a help of plotter

i know its a huge commitment in trying to learn all these in one go for a guy like me ,
but on the otherhand if the experts in 3d printer would lend a hand in thinking these process through , it would be a fun project for everyone ,

once again , thank you so much for your input


Answer 7 years ago

He is using commercial hardware - a good move but at a lower resolution then the original.

He is also using a liquid for the picture more like what the plotter was intended for.

You could always buy a plotter from Ebay and see if you can get it to plot on paper. Most of the plotters used a small felt tip pen but you can make a holder for it that will take a biro insert - I used to do this for school using parker pen refils. last a long time.

the hardware changes for plotting ink onto coffee will be trivial in comparison.

Most Plotters use HPGL - lots of info on line.

You can get CAD packages that will output HPGL - some may be free.

If you very lucky you may find a driver for the plotter make the job easier BUT this is MUCH more likely for older operating systems like Vista or even older.

Not impossible to do

Let us know how you get on.


Answer 7 years ago

appreciate your info and confidence

not being a programmer and electronic enthusiast, this is going to be a challenge as i have to learn the basics and the ABC's of plotters ,

will let you know how it turns out ,

thanks a lot